Want your students to be competitive candidates for professional careers? Do your students have the skills and competencies to thrive during and after their graduate programs? We provide professional development support that can help.

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Asking yourself, What can I do with a PhD? Unsure of the vast career options available beyond the professoriate? Lack the confidence and mentorship to explore your options? We can help.

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Uncertain how to describe yourself and why you want to transition to a career outside the academy? Want to network and apply for jobs with confidence and clarity in your relevant skills and value? Get unstuck.

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Beyond the Tenure Track

Explore and Expand Your Options

We create pathways to opportunity beyond the professoriate for graduate students and PhDs. We accomplish this through leadership skills training, professional identity building, and mentorship connections.

Our Clients

What Our Clients are Saying

“Helped me streamline my process for applying to nonacademic positions”

Options for Success is a wonderful program which helped me streamline my process for applying to particular positions that fit my interests. I was able to secure a teaching position at an independent school by expanding my network and receiving encouragement from other participants.

Arika Easley Houser, Ph.D., History, Educator and Administrator, Independent School
“I netted a $3k salary gain on top of an already comfy offer.”

I came to Fatimah disillusioned with academia after five years in a Ph.D. program, with no idea how to start looking for other career paths. I wondered what my value might be, and was stuck not knowing how to approach an industry job search. My first visit we covered networking – from there we worked on everything from identifying my values and strengths to how to approach an interview and how to negotiate a job offer. Fatimah’s negotiation advice netted me a $3k salary gain on top of an already comfy offer.

Hilary Pritchard, Linguistics - University of Pennsylvania, Data Scientist at Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company
“Dr. Williams-Castro’s insights, experience, and generosity made an enormously positive impact on our graduate-student career workshop.”

She was as inspiring and effective in addressing a group of 200 as she was in her individual interactions with students; we only wish we could have cloned her for all the panels that day.

R. Tripp Evans, Ph.D., Professor & Co-Chair 2015 “Where Do I Go from Yale?” Alumni Conference