It takes a nerdy type like me to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon learning to leverage my voice and expertise in print, television, and online media. I learned key steps to translating high level expertise into evidence-based, print worthy copy. I was equally impressed with the caliber and backgrounds of the seminar attendees, tenured professors, government officials, and authors in the fields of creative design, psychology, climate change and gender, and the sex lives of millennials, to name a few. To put the icing on the cake, one of my seminar leads, Chloe Angyal, is a PhD student just a couple months shy of defending. On the following Sunday you may have seen her on The Melissa Harris Perry Show talking gender and policies of reproduction. How does a PhD in Hollywood romantic comedies of 2005-2011 get invited to talk politics and gender on The MHP Show? That’s the subject of another post. Save to say, if she can do it -and to it well- then The Op Ed Project must have a kick ass formula for getting heard.

I don’t know a single PhD who doesn’t have something important they want to share with the general public, thought leaders or policymakers. Check out to see when the seminar is coming to a city near you. They tour cities from Atlanta to LA. If you are interested in taking a #WritetoChangetheWorld seminar, I will gift forward a $50 discount. Just email me and I’ll send you the coupon code. Serious inquiries only.

[This is not an affiliate. I just happen to really believe in the training I received and in the power of good ideas and good data to shape the world.]img_0622


What will you tell the world?

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