It’s that time of year again where we transition from the lazy days of summer to the energy and work of the fall season. I don’t know about you, but this transition brings excitement about how the last few months of the year will unfold for me.

What new opportunities, projects and collaborations will take flight? How will I manage the multiple goals I have set to accomplish over the next few months?

As you settle into your flow/pace for the fall, I encourage you to take these three tips to keep your energy renewed and your focus steady:
  1. Be bold in your goal setting. While it’s important to set manageable goals, I am also a firm believer in reaching for big, bold goals. You know the ones, those ideas that excite you and make you nervous all at the same time. Yours  may be taking on a new extracurricular experience to help you build new work skills or professional relationships. Or it can be taking time each week for your favorite yoga class or soccer pickup game. Whatever it may be, affirm yourself and goals by keeping a positive outlook.
  2. Put systems in place to lighten your work and play and avoid chaotic, unproductive workdays. I’ve shared some of the tools that I use in business to help me manage my writing and concentrated work time, interface time with my team, and time for rest, exercise, and fun. These systems may help you  schedule meetings with students and colleagues; organize your projects and collaborators; and more.
  3. Take time for rest and play. Sounds simple enough, but transition periods and ramped up work schedules have a way of tugging at the summertime ease and play you so recently enjoyed. I get it. I’m already planning my return home from my month long “work-cation” in Amsterdam. I’m intent on maintaining some of the ease and creativity I experienced while working and living here for the month. How do you intentionally make time for rest and play when this get busy?



To help you get off to a strong start and maintain that energy through this season, I am sharing with you the Be Bold ebook and companion affirmations audio. Learn more. I use this tool myself to help me take bite sized and consistent moves toward my goals. My clients say that this book and the affirmations CD (recorded by me) have boosted their confidence during periods of transition and personal growth. Get your copy here.


Here’s to an awesome fall season where you and I will walk boldly to the professional and life experiences we desire.

Talk to you soon –


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