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How to Ace the Screening Interview, The Chronicle of Higher Education

You only have 15 to 30 minutes to convince a company that you should be asked back for a second- round interview.

Do You Speak Résumé? The Chronicle of Higher Education

The first column in this series on transforming your CV examines how to effectively describe what you do on a résumé.

The Career Change: What Can Departments Do to Help? The Chronicle of Higher Education

They can do more than rely solely on alumni panels to talk about nonacademic career paths.

The Career Change: Tired of Short-Term Jobs, The Chronicle of Higher Education

A Ph.D. wonders how to turn her background into a real career outside of academe.

Money Matters, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Understanding the value of your skill and the value of a dollar in negotiations.

Quitting while Black, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Many Ph.D.s of color feel the burden of responsibility to self, family, community, and minority-serving programs that have supported their research or graduate education.

Straddling Two Worlds, The Chronicle of Higher Education

The transition from academia to a nonacademic career is never as simple as shutting one door and opening another.

Networking Seems So Sleazy, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Like it or not, qualifications and smarts alone will not get you your next job, academic or otherwise. You need connections, too.

Help, My Grad Student Wants to Pursue a Nonacademic Career! The Chronicle of Higher Education

A movement to reform graduate education is under way in many disciplines, with academics talking about the need to better prepare Ph.D.’s for multiple career paths, not just teaching jobs.

Building a Better Nonacademic Career Panel, The Chronicle of Higher Education

How to make it worth our while by asking relevant questions. We want to give you actionable advice, and this is the way to get it.

Stepping Off the Tenure Track — Part I, Inside Higher Ed

Who exactly did I think I was, Fatimah Williams asked herself, to want to leave the professoriate?

Stepping Off the Tenure Track — Part II, Inside Higher Ed

Fatimah Williams offers three steps to consider when exploring your career options.


3 Keys to Painlessly Convert a CV to a Resume, The Chronicle of Higher Education