The Professional Pathways Planner

A comprehensive visioning, goal setting, and planning system to help academics determine what matters most- and when.

The planner offers you a customized process to end the frustrating cycle of academic scheduling overload, missed deadlines, and guilt for taking time off.

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As a busy academic, do you struggle to manage the demands of your academic and personal lives?

Have you ever said….

“I spend so much time prepping for classes, grading papers, and answering student emails that by the end of the day, I’ve lost the energy and momentum to do my own work.”

“When I get home at the end of the day I still have more work to do. I feel like I’m not present when I’m playing with my kids or spending time with my partner.”

“It’s the end of the semester and I’m struggling to figure out what went wrong. I got some things done, but I really need to make this summer count.”

The lack of consistent, high-quality priority management mentoring is taking a toll on academics.

It’s not your fault!

Overloaded with an increasing amount of requirements and responsibilities, so many high-achieving academics, genuinely struggle with organizing their priorities, time, and activities.  

No one is providing academics with the tools to manage all the complex activities and responsibilities that make up a successful, stress-free academic life!

My name is Dr. Fatimah Williams. I have been a professional development coach to thousands of graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and early career faculty members for the last six years.  Despite the difference in their career stages, they experience many of the same blocks.

I designed the Professional Pathways Planner as a remedy to the chaos, overwhelm, and lack of productivity that graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty members face daily.

My goal is to help you thrive in your career, by providing a streamlined process to identify and achieve goals that most align with your values and desired outcomes.

The Professional Pathways Planner is the only one of its kind on the market — a carefully designed organizing solution for busy academics, at any stage of their career.  

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“The Professional Pathways Planner provides a comprehensive organizational framework for students and academics.  As a paper planner, it serves as a hands-on organizational tool that teaches students to tangibly map out long-term projects and pace themselves to achieve success over time.  It can easily be used in tandem with a digital calendar for daily, on-the-go access. The planner is a repository for big-picture success and will help students and postdocs create a concrete plan to achieve their goals.

Ann Ardis, Ph.D., Dean, The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, George Mason University

The Professional Pathways Planner is uniquely crafted with graduate students in mind, focusing on key needs, challenges and barriers to success. It is a special tool that can help catapult students in designing careers filled with meaning and purpose. I believe this planner is a particularly useful and rare resource that can help first-generation graduate students like me gain the cultural, social and economic capital needed in navigating academic life and careers. The Professional Pathways Planner also highlights the key role of health and well-being. I hope to see it become a staple resource in graduate school programs across the country.”

Priscilla Renta, Doctoral Fellow, Florida International University
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Many off-the-shelf planners that you’ll find at your campus bookstore do not understand the unique demands of academic life.   Generic monthly and weekly calendars are not sufficient to manage the breadth of academic requirements, professional priorities, and personal values.  

The Professional Pathways Planner will help you take control of your time through a system of holistic thinking and planning.

This methodology comes from my years of facilitating campus workshops and coaching graduate students, postdocs, and faculty for success in academia and in leadership roles.

The experience of repeatedly witnessing the same pitfalls appear in campuses across the country led me to conceive the unique Professional Development Domains framework upon which the planner is built.

These seven domains holistically represent the areas that academics must master for success in academia and beyond:

More than a Calendar or Weekly Scheduler…

The Professional Pathways Planner will help you take control of your time through a system of holistic thinking and planning.

Take a Peek Inside the 200+ Page Planner and its 15 Planning Guides

“When I got to preview the Professional Pathways Planner, I immediately knew it was providing a flexible structure that I could adapt to my needs as a Ph.D. student.  The seven domains provide the clarity that helps make all that I’m juggling as a full-time graduate student, researcher, and podcaster feel much more manageable. And as I am becoming more intentional about my personal development and self-care, I appreciate the well-being section as it will give me a place to capture and reflect on my shifting perspective. I like that the calendar section is open month because I could see myself going through all seven domains at the beginning of each academic year to plan out what I want to accomplish. The quarterly Action Plan pages are perfect for me because I like to break down large projects into three-month intervals. I’m really excited to have my copy of the Professional Pathways Planner.”

Allanté Whitmore, Engineering Ph.D. Student, Carnegie Mellon University

Over To You…

  • Are you able to stay on track and manage the demands of academic life — all while having space for things that matter, like time with family and your favorite hobby?
  • Are you clear on the personal milestones you wish to celebrate in the next six months?
  • Do you put a lot of hopes and expectations on what you can accomplish each semester, and inevitably, fail to achieve them all?

Move beyond the rote fulfillment of academia’s requirements and align your progress to be meaningful to you and your future goals.

Get your copy of the Professional Pathways Planner today.

The Professional Pathways Planner was designed to help you balance academic requirements, career development and professional relationship building all while cultivating a strong sense of well-being in your personal life.

It can be used as a one to one,  or one to many tool.

Individuals can use the Planner in a self-guided experience or instructors can create a small group experience using the goal setting curriculum and planning guides found in the first 50 pages of the Planner.  

If you prefer to have the curriculum designer guide your group or conference attendees in the goal-setting process, you can book a keynote or hands-on workshop with Dr. Fatimah.

    Potential Uses of the Planner

  • Self-guided tool for individual or small group use
  • A gift for the student or faculty member in your life
  • Distributed at new graduate student orientation
  • Faculty development or diversity programs
  • Graduate professional development programs
  • Career services resource
  • Fellowship and postdoctoral programs
  • First generation and URM scholar programs
  • Professional association programs
  • Conference, event, or annual meeting swag giveaway
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