The Professional Pathways Planner

The Professional Pathways Planner is the ideal productivity mentor to aid on your journey to academic and career success and work-life balance. From college to career, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the constant, competing demands of creating a successful professional and personal life. This open-dated planner with weekly and monthly reflection guides is an efficient method for managing priorities to maximize achievement, reduce stress, and build a thriving life. 

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As a busy academic, do you struggle to manage the demands of your academic and personal lives?

Have you ever said….

“How am I going to ace my classes, land an internship, volunteer, and all the other things necessary to get into a top program?”

“It’s the end of the term and I’m struggling to figure out what went wrong. I got some things done, but I really need to make this summer count.”

“I spend so much time prepping for classes, grading papers, and answering student emails that by the end of the day, I’ve lost the energy and momentum to do my own work.”

The lack of consistent, high-quality priority management mentoring is taking a toll on academics.

It’s not your fault!

Overloaded with an increasing amount of requirements and responsibilities, so many students and faculty genuinely struggle with organizing their priorities, time, and activities.  

The Professional Pathways Planner helps you manage all the complex activities and responsibilities that make up a successful, stress-free academic life!

My name is Dr. Fatimah Williams. I have been a professional development trainer to thousands of students and faculty in schools and universities. 

I designed the Professional Pathways Planner to help students and faculty face daily to meet their requirements, deadlines, and extracurricular responsibilities without burnout or overwhelm. 

My goal is to help you thrive, by providing a streamlined process to identify and achieve goals that align with your values and desired outcomes.

The Professional Pathways Planner is the only one of its kind on the market — a carefully designed organizing solution for busy academics, at any stage of their career.  

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“The Professional Pathways Planner serves as a hands-on organizational tool that teaches students to tangibly map out long-term projects and pace themselves to achieve success over time.  It is a repository for big-picture success and will help students create a concrete plan to achieve their goals.”

Ann Ardis, Ph.D., Dean, The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, George Mason University

It is a special tool that can help catapult students in designing lives and careers filled with purpose. This planner is a particularly useful and rare resource that can help first-generation graduate students like me gain the cultural, social and economic capital needed in navigating academic life and careers.”

Priscilla Renta, Doctoral Fellow, Florida International University
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Plan Your Path to Success

Many off-the-shelf planners that you’ll find at your campus bookstore do not understand the unique demands of academic life.   Generic monthly and weekly calendars are not sufficient to manage the breadth of academic requirements, professional priorities, and personal values.  

The 15 planning guides provide a concise, yet comprehensive framework to help you structure your time and work efficiently to achieve your goals while reducing stress and avoiding academic and professional overwhelm. Just a few of these planning guides include:


  • My Top Goals for the Year: to keep the big picture in mind
  • My Career Target Dashboard: to develop your pathway to professional success
  • My Mentor Network: to develop and leverage your professional network
  • My Well-being Practices: to make self-care and mindfulness a priority


The “7 Professional Development Domains” is the foundation of the planning methodology. These are the seven domains that academics must master, and thus plan for, to achieve success in academia and beyond:

More than a Calendar or Weekly Scheduler…

Take a Peek Inside the 200+ page Planner and its 15 Planning Guides

“The seven domains provide the clarity that helps make all that I’m juggling as a full-time student, researcher, and podcaster feel much more manageable.  I can see myself going through all seven domains at the beginning of each academic year to plan out what I want to accomplish. And as I am becoming more intentional about my personal development, I appreciate the well-being sections as they give me a place to capture and reflect on my self-care.”

Allanté Whitmore, Engineering Ph.D. Student, Carnegie Mellon University

    Potential Uses of the Planner

  • New student orientation
  • Academic and career success programs for post-secondary readiness
  • First-generation and URM student programs
  • Graduate professional development and fellowship programs
  • Faculty development programs
  • Conference, event, or annual meeting swag bag giveaway
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