Have a formula for how to answer both expected and unanticipated questions

Learn strategies to quickly & clearly show your relevant experience & expertise.

Be able to anticipate difficult or unexpected questions and respond confidently.

Confidently and powerfully show your fit in the company culture and job vacancy.


Opportunities arise with little to no lead time. How to Interview Like a Pro gives you the tools you need to be prepared before the phone rings – giving you the confidence you need to put your best foot forward, in every situation.

You’ll gain the specialized skills relevant to a variety of interview styles and settings, and find yourself prepared for the interview before it’s even on the books.

In this new video course, I’ll teach you how to approach common and unexpected questions in a way that positions you as the ideal candidate for the position at hand.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

understand what the interviewers are really asking

highlight your special skills to fit the position

show specifically how you’ll help the organization or team achieve their strategic goal

demonstrate your relevant & cultural fit for the posi the organization as a whole

Praise for Fatimah Williams’ Interview Coaching

Hi Fatimah:

I’m thrilled to say that as of June 16 I will be joining Community Science, Inc. as a managing associate. The company exists to provide research, evaluation, and technical assistance services to advance initiatives that help build healthy, just, and equitable communities. This particular role combines my interest in conducting rigorous research with my passion for working with folks on the front line of health equity efforts. And there’s a signing bonus! And profit sharing!

My deepest thanks for your support during this transition (working through the scenarios was particularly effective). Hope you’ve been well!

Angela Thrasher, MPH, Ph.D.

In this digital, on-demand video course you’ll receive:

 60-minute training webinar with real-life experience, tools and action items

How to Interview Like a Pro interactive worksheet & preparation packeT

Job seekers affirmations & encouragement

NEW VIDEO COURSE! How to Interview Like a Pro Course. Introductory Rate:

Who Is Fatimah Williams, Ph.D.?

Highly Sought After Professional Development & Career Trainer by Universities, Government Agencies, and Enterprises

OASIS Leadership and Professional Development Program, Office for the Promotion of Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics at Rutgers University

UNC Charlotte, Graduate School Professional Development Conference

University of Tennessee – Knoxville, PEER Symposium for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows in Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences

People often ask Dr. Williams how she came to be an entrepreneur of professional development and business development. Given that she has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology, she “should” be a professor or at least working in international development somewhere.

Instead, she is an entrepreneur making a living on her own terms working with high caliber organizations and clients with multiple contracts per year ranging from $5000 up to $30,000.

After being awarded the nationally competitive Consortium for Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2011, Dr. Williams began to question whether life on the tenure track was truly what she wanted. She started to find that there were other parts of herself that she wanted to express. She loved speaking in front of groups. She enjoyed creating new things—building them from the ground up. She wanted collaboration and fresh ideas, as well as a shorter time to reward.

She took the leap into small business ownership, and through her consulting and coaching company, she has helped hundreds of high achieving professionals transition to new careers, get promotions in their existing careers, and start profitable side businesses and passion projects.

Your video was amazing! It was so helpful. I love that you cover all aspects of the interview and you gave specific examples the gave it more clarity. It was clear, to the point, funny, articulate, and works for anyone applying for a job. I liked your comparison examples to show how to improve your answers. My interview went very well. During the interview, the committee asked me about my vision for my future with the organization. I quickly recalled your examples on how to share this and give tangible examples. Thank you again, it was so helpful. I listened to it several times!
Tenesia Richards, RN-C
“Helpful in guiding me through the process to figure out the best fit for me.”

I needed advice on job interviews. Fatimah was really helpful in guiding me through the process of figuring out which job was the best fit for me out of the ones I interviewed for. I am very happy about the choies I made. Fatimah guided me through the interview process. I secured the position and joined a team that is doing work to impact health policy and outcomes across the U.S.

Ksenia Gorbeko, Ph.D. - Sociology
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