I’ve gotten a flood of emails (literally) and Tweets about my article in The Chronicle of Higher Education Vitae that went live last Thursday. Here’s a heads up in case you missed it.
“The moment when graduate students begin to think that an academic career may not be for them is fraught with uncertainty. The future is before you and you have lost of questions but fewer answers: What kinds of jobs are available in my field? What will my adviser think? How will I finish the dissertation while job searching? Will my family understand? How can I remain active in academia while pursuing a non faculty career? What will happen to the friendships and relationships I’ve built throughout my academic career? 
For graduate students of color – especially underrepresented minorities and those first in their family to seek a doctorate – that moment comes with an additional layer of uncertainty and isolation.” Read on for tips to go from “quitting” to planning for the future you want. (Little hint: the advice in this article works for everyone.)


Know someone who is on a nonacademic job search or in their first postacademic job who could benefit from this article? Be a friend and share it with them. It may contain just the answer they need to get through a rough career transition period.

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