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Faculty Productivity Program
Traditional time management techniques and one-off workshops are insufficient
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You’ve worked hard to recruit outstanding faculty. Now how can you ensure that they thrive? On top of the heavy demands of rigorous expectations around scholarly output, COVID has caused unforeseen delays and setbacks at work and at home. These pressures are compounded for BIPOC scholars, women, and first-generation PhDs who often balance additional roles and responsibilities to family and community. 
Traditional time management techniques and one-off workshops are insufficient to support faculty in acquiring, practicing, and adapting the planning and time management skills necessary to succeed in a dynamic and demanding environment.

The Faculty Productivity Program equips your faculty to:
  • Set and complete weekly and semester goals that lead to promotion and tenure, with special attention to navigate getting on track after potential COVID-related delays and adjustments.

  • Determine and adapt work output to peak-low seasons at home and at work.

  • Gain a collegial community of accountability.

  • Experience a greater sense of belonging and inclusion in their department, institution, and field.

  • Achieve greater work-life balance through a planning approach that emphasizes the whole person.
We aim to boost your faculty mentoring efforts and help your faculty thrive, by teaching the techniques to balance scholarship, leadership, and well-being.       
Serving a Wide Range of Institutions

University of Texas at Austin, Princeton University, Brandeis University, New York University, Yale, Teachers College at Columbia University, Norfolk State
University, Meharry Medical College, Morehouse School of Medicine,
UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte,
UC Santa Barbara,  

Harrisburg University of Science &  Technology, University of Wisconsin - Madison, University of Tennessee - Knoxville, CUNY, George Mason University, SREB Doctoral Scholars Program,   American Anthropological Association, Association of American Universities, and more.

Program Overview: Sept-June


s: How to Stay on Track, Meet Your Deadlines, and Have a Life in Academia (Sept, Oct)
  • 3 hr. virtual training session to establish your top 3 priorities for the year and to create an action plan for this semester. Emphasis on work-life balance and holistic success.
  • Learn the Life Domain approach to planning and the foundational skills of Sunday Sessions, weekly planning, and project management for solo and collaborative projects

Accountability & Goal Audit Workshop (Nov)
  • Guided audit of goals, workflow practices, well-being practices, and external factors contributing to progress or delays.
  • Cross-institutional peer groups and networking

"Schedule Detox:" Monthly planning and time management newsletter designed to help anticipate and ease pain points in the academic calendar.

Advanced Techniques
: How to Maintain Your Momentum and Expand Your Network to Thrive in Academia (Jan, Feb)
  • 3 hrs live, virtual training session to create an Action Plan for this semester.
  • Learn advanced planning techniques such as healthy boundary setting with friends and family during peak work seasons; managing unexpected life events and pop-up requests; and building authentic work relationships in your institution and field to fast track your goals and opportunities.

Accountability & Goal Audit Workshop  (Apr)
  • Guided audit of goals, workflow practices, well-being practices, and external factors contributing to progress or delays.
  • Cross-institutional peer groups and networking.
Schedule Detox:" Monthly planning and time management newsletter (continued)

Avoid Academic Overwhelm: Know Your Triggers & Increase Your Productivity
  • 7 information-packed, self-paced “how to” videos (~10 mins each)
  • Quick refresher tutorial videos to aid in participant application of core planning and time management techniques
Each session will use planning guides and tracking tools from The Professional Pathways Planner, a 12-month academic planner and priority management tool to guide academics on their journey to work-life balance and increased productivity. We recommend each participant have a personal copy for completing exercises and tracking progress throughout the program. 
What Your Peers are Saying

Fatimah has deep expertise and has been a wonderful partner to our office for over 5 years. She designed a leadership communication and personal branding training tailored to our groups of STEM faculty, female faculty and clinical practitioners. Having had the pleasure of observing her in both in-person and virtual sessions, I would recommend engaging her for either – both are effective.”

Beth Tracy, Senior Director of Faculty Development, Rutgers University

“The Professional Pathways Planner serves as a hands-on organizational tool that teaches academics to tangibly map out long-term projects and pace themselves to achieve success over time.  It is a repository for big-picture success and will help academics create a concrete plan to achieve their goals.”
Ann Ardis, Ph.D., Dean, The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, George Mason University
Program Membership





Subscription includes access to all programming and materials from September 2022 to June 2023.     

About Beyond the Tenure Track

Beyond the Tenure Track equips PhDs for sustainable careers and thriving lives, through leadership and professional development training, books, and coaching. Founded by Fatimah Williams, Ph.D., author of The Professional Pathways Planner and executive coach, we offer nuanced and practical guidance to help scholars flourish.
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Our Methodology
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