Ep 9: Big Tech HR Expert on Acing Interviews & Awkward First Introductions: Dorianne St. Fleur

My guest this week is Dorianne St. Fleur, an HR expert, career strategist, and leadership coach. Dorianne is the founder of the digital career development agency, Your Career Girl. She has 10+ years experience working in HR for big tech and financial industries and understands how to succeed in corporate America. 

In this episode, Dorianne and I discuss the importance of mindset in the job search process, and Dorianne reveals how to grow your self-worth using her “VIP” process:

  1. Value – Understand what you have brought to the table in the past and how it has contributed to the bottom line of past positions.
  2. Impact – Acknowledge the impact your work has had and speak to what you do.  
  3. Power – Communicate your value and impact with power and confidence.  

Successful networking happens through forming connections with the “gatekeepers” of companies and industries. Dorianne and I discuss some practical tips on how to successfully use Linkedin and network at events, conferences, and career meetups to form meaningful connections with people in your field.

 Then, Dorianne answers questions from two listeners looking to transition from academia into big tech careers. She discusses the importance of not putting yourself in a box when it comes to professional descriptions and how to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a way that is sure to wow recruiters and hiring managers. 

Books Mentioned:

Letting Go: The Path of Surrender by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Keep Up with Dorianne: 

Website: https://yourcareergirl.com/

Deeper than Work Podcast: https://yourcareergirl.com/podcast



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