Ep 8: How to Thrive in a Disruptive Economy and Job Landscape: Angel Acosta

Angel Acosta walks us through the “cultural dexterity” required to navigate the many worlds he lives and works in as a doctoral student, education consultant, international speaker, and first generation immigrant. He entered his graduate program as a nontraditional student who simultaneously worked in a college access nonprofit, and unlike his doctoral program peers, he was not an educator by training. 

Angel says, “When I coached with you, I was hungry for clarity. I wanted to curate a profile, a resumé, and way of thinking about all the work I was doing and texts I was reading in a way that didn’t feel scattered. I wanted to be more intentional and understand what this doctorate meant about who I was becoming and what I could do professionally.” (28:31)

Angel is a true intellectual who reflects deeply on his lived experience in the context of social structures, but he doesn’t stop there. He shows us how to take action to move through uncertainty.



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