Ep 7: When everything’s going right yet it’s time for a change: Bernadette Gailliard

My guest this week is Bernadette Gailliard, Ph.D., a R1 tenure-track faculty member turned faculty development program director. Her transition story is so fascinating to me because of how open she was to share her uncertainty about her desire to continue as a faculty member with mentors, colleagues and even her department chair (!) in order to discover the best career path for her. 

From Bernadette, we learn that things can be going just fine in your professional life, yet you can feel that it’s time for a career change. Hear how she went from crying in her Chair’s office to landing her current role with a flexible mix of research, implementation of that research, and administrative leadership. Did I mention that she also started a side hustle that’s already made her thousands of dollars in additional income? (Bernadette is an Options for Success Program Alumna). 

My Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  1. Often we think of transition as coinciding with a dramatic change in our lives, but things can be just fine at your job, and you can still feel like you aren’t in the right space. Transition does not always mean that there is something inherently wrong on the outside.
  2. It is important to take the time to internally evaluate your needs and desires. Personal evolution is not confined just to your career; it is about deciding what you want from life as a whole.
  3. Bernadette recommends being open to learning from experts and mentors. Investing in professional development opportunities can open your eyes to the possibilities of what you can do with the skills you have.

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