Ep 6: How to Authentically Connect with People You Barely Know in Search of the Career You (Think You) Want

There are few people who actually enjoy making cold calls or sending LinkedIn invitations to people they don’t know. Yet we know the importance of connecting with other people in order to find your next professional opportunity, research collaborator, or job. 

Today, I share Step 5 of the GradSchooled framework for navigating career-life transitions. The fifth and final step is to Connect.  In the episode I talk about: 

  1. Tips for being your authentic – and confident! – self when networking
  2. How to get out of your comfort zone in order to find new connections 
  3. The value of making monetary investments to build the right connections
  4. Why I rarely use the word “networking” and what I say instead

Whether you are looking to expand your network or are just starting out and struggling to meet people in your field, this is the episode for you.



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