Ep 5: Professional Development is a Contact Sport

When you’re experiencing a shift in your life and work it can be easy to stay in your head. You know, read a bunch of self-help books, tell yourself all the reasons why this shift sucks, and complain ad nauseum to your friends about what’s going wrong. 

In this episode, I discuss the hard truth about why your situation will not change unless you get out of your head and into real life. Transition is a contact sport. It requires you to jump in and explore in order to know what to do next. If you are ready to get unstuck, this is the episode for you. 

I share Step 4 of the GradSchooled framework, Explore, and talk more about these topics in today’s episode: 

  1. How to break out of your comfort zone and get into action 
  2. How to find events in your area where you can engage with your career of interest
  3. Tips for starting up conversations with new people



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