Ep 4: Which of Your Skills and Experiences Are Relevant to Employers?

How can you be competitive candidate for the professional job market? How do you go from learning to earning — converting your academic knowledge and skills into careers? On this episode, I discuss how to assess your skills and experiences and build upon them for career competitiveness. If you want to learn more about career skills and how to evaluate the gaps in your resume, this is the episode for you. 

Today, we’re on Step 3 of the GradSchooled framework — Assess. Here’s what I cover: 

  1. Understanding the difference between what you know versus what you know how to do  
  2. Hard skills and soft skills; transferable skills and transferable experiences 
  3. How to identify gaps in your resume and find ways to fill them 

Books Mentioned in this Episode: 

  • Richard Bolles, What Color is Your Parachute?
  • Pam Denicolo, Developing Transferable Skills: Enhancing Your Research and Employment Potential.



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