Ep 2: Rethinking Career Expectations and Life Choices

On today’s episode, I share Step 1 of the GradSchooled framework for working through the ups and downs of career change. The first step is to Envision.

 You know how uncertainty in your professional life somehow always seems to up-end the rest of your life? Even when it’s a good change like finishing your Master’s degree or starting a new job, we can feel unsettled about what’s next. In that state of mind, it’s so easy to make decisions out of fear and doubt or simply out of reaction to what you think your options are. 

In this episode, I talk about about how to envision who you are and determine what you want in this time of change or uncertainty.  Instead of being reactionary or acting out of fear, we discuss how to rethink what’s possible.

If you’re feeling like it’s time to break out of the box of basing your career-life decisions on your academic background alone, this episode is for you. 

 I go deeper into these topics in this episode: 

  1. The importance of taking time to reflect before starting a job search or making a career change
  2. How to cultivate an asset-based mindset even when you’re unsure of what’s next 
  3. How to get unstuck when an unexpected career-life change throws you a curveball 

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