Ep 12:  Are you feeling free? with Priscilla Jabouin

Let’s face it, career transition is often accompanied by discomfort. This episode, Priscilla Jabouin (The Dream Career Expert) and I discuss how stretching beyond your comfort zone is a normal and necessary part of the journey toward change. Priscilla discusses what is needed to achieve authenticity in life: “Are you fully expressed? Are you feeling free? Are you feeling empowered?” (20:30). All three of these are needed to achieve real authenticity.

Too often career explorers are closed off when it comes to the possibilities of what they could be doing in their professional life. Priscilla emphasizes the importance of making a total mindset change in order to open yourself up to the possibilities of finding fulfillment meaning in your career. As an international workshop presenter, university career counselor and advanced yoga teacher, Priscilla’s mission is to help as many people as possible wake up to a career they love! 

As we dig deeper, Priscilla discusses her own transition journey as she explores the possibility of relocating from her hometown in Canada to New York City to live out her dream. A budding opportunity forces her to walk her own talk! We discuss the importance of sharing your dreams with others and building a system of support. Priscilla also gives some advice to international job seekers on how to break through the barriers and find a position in a new country. 

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