Ep 11: Getting Creative When One Career Does Not Capture All Your Interests and Skills: Sophia Johnson

After finishing graduate school, Econ PhD Sophia felt lost. She had no clue what direction she wanted to take her professional life. In this episode, we discuss how career coaching and self-exploration helped her to recognize her successes and believe in what she had accomplished. Sophia shares how she started to understand the patterns in her life, and how she came to view her worth as independent of her degree. 


Sophia is an advocate of saying yes to different types of experiences instead of sitting on the sideline waiting for the perfect professional opportunity. This mindset landed her her own cable TV show where she expresses the many facets of her creativity, intellectual interests and skills outside of her 9-5. 

Dr. Sophia N. Johnson is a political economist and the Assistant Director of the Program for Economic Research at Columbia University. She is also the host of The Feminist Perspective, a NY-based public affairs television series featuring wide-ranging, in-depth conversations with cultural influencers. 

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The Feminist Perspective airs Wednesdays at 9pm pm LMCTV (Channel 75 Optimum / 36 Verizon)



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