Ep 18: Uncensored: Being a bridge for anti-racism when you’d rather take a nap with Fatimah Williams

I was all set for this season finale episode to answer two recent, most recurring listener questions: 1) Should I get a PhD, given the current climate in higher education? 2) How do graduating PhDs look for work in a WFH environment and compressed job market? 

I get to those questions toward the end of the episode. But first, I address the #1 question that’s been in my inbox and DMs: What has been your experience of racism, and how are you doing these days? I share from my perspective as a cultural anthropologist, a Black woman living in America, and a black business owner — yes, sometimes ya’ll forget that I run a company, manage a team, and offer services.  Pull up a seat for an open, productive conversation about being a bridge for anti-racism and managing life, business and emotional health during a pandemic and racial upending. 

What I’m listening to: “Love is a Miracle” by Maverick City Music, Bri Babineaux, Majesty Rose

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