Dressing for Success

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Lately, we’ve been talking about applying to jobs, having the best resume, and learning and implementing successful interview strategies. While the importance of these topics cannot be emphasized enough, there is another topic that is often overlooked while focusing on these details - style and dress. I know, it's a topic that academics often feel is superficial - but that doesn’t make it any less important when presenting yourself professionally. Last week I joined a really fun Twitter chat led by Jen Polk of From PhD to Life discussing style and clothing for academics. Some of the overarching issues tend to focus on balancing the line between personal style and professional expectations, and procuring quality garments on a reasonable budget. Here are some of the clothing conundrums and related advice your colleagues talked about during the #wiithaPhD chat: What advice would you [...]

What Exactly is Coaching and How Do I Know if I Need It?

2018-10-02T02:29:26+00:00February 9th, 2016|

Coaching is an awesome tool for creating real change in your life and work. Have you ever called a close friend to brainstorm possible responses to a big decision or to bounce around ideas on a new project? Truth be told, my first call in these situations is usually to my mom or to one of my besties, because I trust them and their judgment. Still, there are times when their expertise (and patience) reaches its limits and it’s time to call in someone with dedicated time and expertise. Coaching provides a safe, confidential space with an expert in their field to provide you with the space to unpack the personal and professional challenge you are facing, then hold a mirror to any assumptions and ways of being that may be blocking your progress. As a career coach, I take my work [...]

How Collaboration Can Increase Your Sanity & Productivity

2018-10-02T02:29:26+00:00January 26th, 2016|

2015 kinda took me for a whirl. Yes, I’m still talking about 2015, but only for a moment. For most of the year, I was a one-woman show with occasional support to manage my social media platforms and in person workshops. You primarily know me as The PhD Career Coach, but what you may not know is that in addition to coaching individual job seekers, I also provide professional development and organizational development consulting to organizations. Last year, I spent 5 months working extensively with the National Institutes of Health to evaluate Executive Leadership Development Program, their premiere program for institute directors. And, of course, I couldn’t say no when a colleague from one of the most prestigious foundations in the U.S., The Annie E Casey Foundation, asked that I provide board coaching to one of her recently-funded grantees. And that’s just [...]

Career Options webinar

2018-10-02T02:29:26+00:00December 10th, 2015|

I had a blast last week providing a career webinar for my alma mater, the University of Virginia.  The UVA Alumni Association invited me to present on "Career Options for Academics and Other Intellectuals" in a 60-minute webinar. I'm excited to share that webinar with you here. Thank you for making 2015 a fantastic year! The team here at Beyond the Tenure Track will be taking a short break until after the holidays. We'll be back with great content in 2016, so recharge, reflect on your milestone achievements this year, and get ready to work towards your goals with us in the new year. Have a safe and happy holiday. Fatimah Session title: Career Options for Academics and Other Intellectuals [webinar link, https://youtu.be/K6KbOxcy38Y ] Session description:  Graduate students, postdocs, and PhDs are primarily trained to enter careers in academic teaching and research. But where [...]

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