What’s a Hybrid CV-Resume, and When Should I Use It?

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Part 3 of a 3-Part CV vs. Resume Series The hybrid CV-resume is the unicorn of job application materials. Why a unicorn, you ask? Because the hybrid CV-resume is appropriate in such limited contexts and follows a few unique, special rules that aren’t true for a typical resume or curriculum vitae. And because unicorns are rare and kinda cool, like PhDs. What jobs require a hybrid CV-resume? Positions in higher education administration, also called alt-ac positions, typically require a hybrid CV-resume.  By alt-ac, I’m using the strict definition to include only jobs in higher education, not the whole gamut of nonacademic or postacademic jobs. These alt-ac positions are primarily administrative or managerial in nature, and may have a teaching or faculty component. Typically these positions are in student affairs or academic affairs. One example of a higher ed admins or alt-ac position [...]

CV vs. Resume – What’s the Difference and When Do I Need Which One?

2018-10-02T02:29:26+00:00March 8th, 2016|

Part 1 of a 3-part CV vs. Resume Series Academics are totally familiar with the CV, or curriculum vitae, but may struggle to take 10+ page CVs and create industry ready resumes.  In this post, I’ll walk you through the differences between a CV and resume, give you pointers on when to use which document, and then show you what to include in a resume when you’re applying to post-academic jobs. The CV CVs are primarily used to apply for academic teaching and research positions and fellowships. Generally speaking, the CV is an in depth look at your research, teaching and university or college service work to date.  It is not uncommon for these documents to be several pages in length. One of my clients came to me for help to convert her whopping 15-page (!!) CV to a 1- to 2-page resume for an [...]

The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Job Search

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It goes without saying that the job interview is super important. (Did you see how I underlined, italicized, and bolded “super”?) The invitation to interview is the company’s way of saying: “We think you have potential here. We’ll invest the 15-30 minutes in our busy day to talk to you and see if there’s a fit between what we need and what you do. And, oh yeah, we also want to make sure that we’ll like you and that you’ll fit into our organizational culture and team.” That’s a ton of information to determine in a single interview. Some companies will invite job candidates to a brief 15-minute interview by phone or Skype, otherwise known as the Screening Interview. Then if they want to continue to explore your candidacy, they’ll offer a second and possibly even a third interview that are more substantial [...]

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