Be Bold: Taking the Easy Out

2018-10-02T02:29:27+00:00September 22nd, 2015|

How cool would this be? You’re full swing in your job search when a prestigious organization asks you to apply for a position that hasn’t even been published yet. This actually happened to Amanda, a history grad student in her final year of her doctoral program. She’d taken a summer job at her university to earn extra income while she worked on her dissertation chapters. Her role was to write institutional recommendation letters for undergraduate students applying to medical school, law school, and veterinary school. During that time, she came to enjoy the work environment, and she become very good at writing the recommendation letters. She had done work with advising and mentoring undergraduate students in a previous role, and this position appeared to be an extension of that mentoring work. Amanda’s supervisors recognized her aptitude for the role, and they invited [...]