Career Clarity FAQs (1)The Career Clarity Q&A blog section features my responses to graduate student, postdoc, faculty and administrator’s questions on professional development and job searching for PhDs. I often get questions through my Twitter feed, the contact page, email and at campus or conference workshops. When the questions are relevant to the broader BTT community, I’ll post my responses here.

The following question came from a social science graduate student at a workshop I delivered at the University of Tennessee- Knoxville just last week.

Where can I find interesting jobs that are good for PhDs?

There are lots of great jobs, however many of them do not require that applicants have PhD-level training. You’ll have an easier search by looking for the job types that match your criteria, rather than focusing on jobs that require applicants to have PhDs.

Here are a couple of my favorite job boards and recruiting sites.

Social impact jobs: ReWork
Education: Compass Talent Group
Policy jobs: LinkTank and Brad Traverse @DCPolicyJobs on Twitter

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