Creating Your Own Opportunities Through Freelancing with Courtney Danyel

What are you doing right now to create opportunities for yourself? Sometimes we need to take matters into our own hands and create the job we want or need at any given time. Our guest today did just that. Courtney Danyel is a business writer and content strategist with more than ten years of experience in professional writing. She has her MA in anthropology and her original plan was to continue on to her Ph.D. So, how did she wind up as a business writer? She didn’t conform and built a business from the ground up that allows her to live abroad, travel, and support herself and her family in Ethiopia.  From freelancing, ghostwriting, consulting, the options are limitless. Give yourself the permission to branch out and create something for yourself using the skills you know you have.  Show [...]

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Following Your Curiosity to Explore and Thrive in Times of Uncertainty with Katina Rogers

Who decides what success looks like? If you branch out and go down a path you didn’t plan for, are you still working towards success? While it is wise to plan ahead, you can’t plan for everything and sometimes the unexpected opportunities are exactly what you need. Today’s guest on the Gradschooled Podcast is Katina Rogers, an administrator, researcher, and faculty member at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Her scholarly work focuses on higher education reform, including scholarly communication practices, professionalization and career development, public scholarship, and advocacy for fair labor policies. These topics are the focus of her book, Putting the Humanities PhD to Work: Thriving in and Beyond the Classroom. Her career pathway has taken her in and out of universities and by following her curiosity and interests she has found fulfilling opportunities that are [...]

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Destigmatizing Burnout with Dr. Rebecca Pope-Ruark

Destigmatizing Burnout with Dr. Rebecca Pope-Ruark After years in a successful and fulfilling career, our guest today experienced serious burnout. At first, she didn’t even know what was happening to her. Because of the shame and negativity surrounding burnout, people don’t always identify it or address it, especially if they are high achievers. And the pandemic has heightened our experiences of burnout. My guest today is Dr. Rebecca Pope-Ruark; she has been there and now teaches others how to avoid it. Dr. Rebecca Pope-Ruark has her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communications and has 17 years experience in teaching undergraduates. She is a writer, a coach to other writers, and a coach to high achievers. She is also working on an amazing book project with Johns Hopkins University Press around this topic of burnout in an attempt to help others [...]

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How Imposter Syndrome and Scarcity Mindset are Holding You Back From the Opportunities You Deserve: A Conversation with Dr. Fatimah Williams and Dr. Vicki Johnson

How Imposter Syndrome and Scarcity Mindset are Holding You Back From the Opportunities You Deserve: A Conversation with Dr. Fatimah Williams and Dr. Vicki Johnson Have you ever felt that you don’t belong where you are because you aren’t qualified enough? Have you ever felt like there aren’t opportunities for you because there aren’t enough jobs? These feelings are normal and we call them Imposter Syndrome and Scarcity Mindset. I’m excited to share this discussion and Q+A with my good friend, Dr. Vicki Johnson. In this episode of GradSchooled, we discuss how to confidently pursue the professional opportunities you desire. You will gain insights on breaking the barriers of Imposter Syndrome when applying to and excelling within competitive fellowships and jobs.  Dr. Vicki Johnson is Founder and CEO of ProFellow, the world's leading online resource for information on professional [...]

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Take Bold Steps. Get Bold Results.

BeBoldBe Bold.

Nothing about the Ph.D. process prepares you to find a career outside of the academy, which means you probably have no idea how to navigate the mainstream job market. Making the transition to a meaningful job that pays well may feel like a scary process, but you have help.

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Are you exploring your nonacademic career options or actively searching for a nonacademic job? This 50-page weekly organizer will help you organize all the moving parts of your job search and career exploration.

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