I just got off a Skype call with a client who is currently finishing up dissertation writing while in the field in Kenya. She has an awesome research project and some big ideas about how to apply her research by working at a nonprofit, international organization, or think tank.

I learned two things from her today:
First, a career transition is much less traumatic – and can even be fun- when you give yourself ample time. It’s February and her target for landing her dream job is June. She has lots of time to implement the strategies we discussed to build her network, network with people in her target industry and field, and perfect her resume.

Second, not even an eight hour time difference could stand in the way of her getting the information she needed. We coordinated by email and met up on Skype at a time that coordinated with both of our schedules. She’s now well on her way to taking the necessary steps to get to her dream career. I look forward to supporting her through this process.

What’s standing in your way to creating career options for yourself?

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